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92% of the adults in the United States have reported receiving fraudulent telephone offers.

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Call Screener

Price: $ 39.97

  Call Screener

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The Call Screener automatically answers a ringing phone and plays the following message:

"This number does not accept solicitation or survey calls of any kind. Place this number on your "Do Not Call" list and hang up. All others press "1" to ring through." (Message by CallmeNot.com)

ANY telemarketer that ignores this message is willfully violating federal law and liable for damages up to $ 1,500 dollars. In other words, if you have a Call Screener and a telemarketer calls, that party will either hang up or be positively identified as acting illegally and liable for damages.

Before the Call Screener delivers the spoken message, it plays the Special Information Tone (SIT), the same tone played before "the number you have reached is no longer in service" message the phone company uses. Automatic dialing machines used by telemarketers will interpret this tone to mean that the number called is useless for generating sales leads and your number will be removed from their calling lists.

Warranty Period - 1 year
Technical Support - 800 860 8465

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