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92% of the adults in the United States have reported receiving fraudulent telephone offers.

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Caller ID Manager

Price: $ 99.97

  Caller ID Manager

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Take advantage of the full potential of your Caller ID service with the latest innovation in call management.*

With the Caller ID Manager, you decide who can call you and when...without monthly fees!

You determine how to handle each caller, whether local, long distance, international or cell phone calls.

Screening options:

  • Block anonymous and unidentified numbers, while allowing all others;
  • Block up to 175 numbers, area codes or prefixes, or;
  • Allow only callers you 'Invite' by name, number, or 'Wildcard' to ring your phone, and handle others as you choose.

  • With each entry you decide between:

  • Allowing the caller to ring your phone;
  • Sending the caller directly to your VoiceMail or answering device without ringing your phone;

  • Sending the caller directly to any extension without ringing other phones (using the optional Remotes), or;

  • Ignore the caller completely and go unanswered, without ringing the phone.

  • Add and delete numbers easily by using the call history or your telephone keypad. And, you can change your preferences for each number easily with the clearly labeled buttons on the front of the unit.

    You'll quickly wonder how you got along without the Caller ID Manager!



    • Large backlit Caller ID display - Easily read day or night with large characters for names and numbers, time and date
    • New call indicator - Flashing red light indicates a new call has been received
    • Invited List - Create your own list of 'Invited' callers that can ring your phone without interference - either from the call history or by telephone keypad.
    • Blocked Calls - At your option, unidentified or anonymous, out of area, blocked and private calls are not allowed to ring your phone. Then select between allowing a message or ignore with no answer.
    • 'Excluded' List - Your list of 'Excluded' callers that are either ignored without answering, or directed to your VoiceMail or answering device.
    • Wildcard feature - You can 'Invite' or 'Exclude' entire area codes, prefixes or number sets.
    • Huge database - Up to 175 entries can be stored, allowing total control of your calls
    • Track calls - You can track both inbound and outbound calls with the 64 number history.
    • Sleep Mode - Stop ALL callers from ringing your phone while you sleep, study, have meals or entertain. Calls are temporarily directed to your VoiceMail or answering device without ringing your phone.
    • Standby Mode - Allows all incoming calls to pass through without pre-screening
    • Timer mode - Automatically switch between 'Standby' and 'Screen' modes on a daily basis
    • VoiceMail Compatible - Unanswered or 'Blocked' calls can be routed to your VoiceMail
    • VoIP Compatible - Control calls over your Voice over IP Network using your analog connections
    • Expandable - Ring up to four other phones and route calls directly to them with our optional Caller ID Manager Remotes
    • KSU, PBX, Modem and Remote Device Compatible - Use as a pre-screening device for your proprietary telephone system or qualifier for your modem or remote phone device
    • Free Technical Support - Assistance is available by phone or email
    • Satisfaction Guaranteed! - Enjoy the use of our product or return it for a full refund.**

    • For even more features, be sure to check out our entire product line.

      *Caller ID from your telephone service provider is required.
      **30 money-back guarantee.

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