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The National Association of Attorneys General estimates that although 5,000,000 Americans are defrauded by telemarketers every year, only one of five of them report the fraud, usually because they are too embarrassed.

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Privacy Corps Protects Consumers From Telemarketing Hell

Lake Tahoe, NV (March 2002): Privacy Corps celebrates the launch of its new website, www.PrivacyCorps.com. Created for the benefit of consumers who are tired of intrusive and unwanted telemarketers, Privacy Corps provides consumer ratings and product comparisons of the latest privacy-protection equipment, allowing customers to beat telemarketers at their own game.

Savvy citizens can arm themselves with an arsenal of products and take control of a previously unmanageable problem. Providing constant vigilance, these products, ranging from a mere $17 to an affordable $70, are all designed with single purpose-to stop telemarketing calls.

"Consumers have to be proactive when it comes to privacy issues," states Ken Chase, president of Privacy Corps. "The first course of action is to insulate yourself from intrusive marketing by equipping your telephone with one of these nifty devices."

Call-screening devices require no monthly fees, unlike those telephone companies charge for caller ID and call blocking, services proven to do nothing except aggravate the people who you do want to talk to-and drain your budget of $10 to $12 per month. Call-screening devices are an effective an inexpensive way to block telemarketing calls and remove your phone number from direct marketing call lists.

Privacy Corps searches out and tests privacy-protection devices, rating each for ease of use and effectiveness and selling only those deemed worthy of their money-back guarantee. Top products include the TeleZapper, an extremely popular call-screening device, and the Call Screener, Phone Butler, EZ Hang-up and TriVOX units.

"By offering a varied selection of privacy-protection products at different price points," adds Chase, "We hope to appeal to a wide range of customers, ensuring Privacy Corps's message is broadcast loud and clear: you must wage war against those who want to exploit your privacy!"

About Privacy Corps
Privacy Corps provides proven methods for systematically eliminating unwelcome assaults on their customers' privacy, testing and rating privacy-protection products and selling only those worthy of their 90-day money-back guarantee. Privacy Corps also provides free resources about maintaining, regaining and protecting personal privacy, products to help stop spam, protect Internet privacy and zap telemarketers, and free monthly email newsletters about new developments in privacy protection. Located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Privacy Corps (www.PrivacyCorps.com) was founded in 2002.



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