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The National Association of Attorneys General estimates that although 5,000,000 Americans are defrauded by telemarketers every year, only one of five of them report the fraud, usually because they are too embarrassed.

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Press Release - May 2002

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Ken Chase


Privacy Corps Founder Says: "Find a New Job!"

Lake Tahoe, NV (May 2002): New call-screening devices have telemarketing companies running scared. Privacy Corps (PrivacyCorps.com), the online retailer of anti-telemarketing devices, predicts that telemarketing companies will feel the sting as savvy consumers armor themselves against unwanted calls.

"Telemarketers should begin considering alternative occupational options," suggests Ken Chase, president of Privacy Corps. "If everyone owned one of these nifty gadgets, the telemarketing industry would vanish."

With the introduction of the TeleZapper in late 2001, consumers were afforded an alternative to hanging up on sales callers: with the TeleZapper, 85% of telemarketing calls don't even ring through. This device, widely publicized on television and on the Internet, is only effective against calls generated by a computer.

The Screen Machine, from Spectrum Research, is the latest member of the Privacy Corps product line-up. Awarded a "Best of Show" honor at this year's Consumer Electronics Show, the ScreenMachine is effective against both computer-generated and manually dialed telemarketing calls.

The Screen Machine intercepts incoming calls and delivers a legal message stating that unsolicited calls are not accepted and directing telemarketers to add the number to their "Do Not Call" list. All others are instructed to press "5" to ring through. Automatic dialers cannot process the required key input to ring through, and live telemarketers know that proceeding after they hear the warning message would be a violation of Federal Law.

Privacy Corps, a commercial website that specializes in consumer privacy devices, tested the product before its official release.

"We have found the Screen Machine to be 100% effective against all sales calls." says Chase. "It not only provides immediate relief from unwanted sales calls, but also renders unnecessary the monthly expense of Caller ID and Call Blocking services."

At Privacy Corps, consumers can compare the ScreenMachine with other privacy products, including the Phone Butler and EZ Hangup, which deliver a polite legal message and hang up on unwanted callers and range in price from $18 to $50. More sophisticated units, like the TriVOX, can be configured to the users' needs and sell for $60 to $90. Each anti-telemarketing device was designed with a single purpose in mind: to eliminate unsolicited telemarketing calls.

About Privacy Corps

Privacy Corps provides proven methods for systematically eliminating unwelcome assaults on their customers' privacy, testing and rating privacy-protection products and selling only those worthy of their 90-day money-back guarantee. Privacy Corps also provides free resources about maintaining, regaining and protecting personal privacy, products to help stop spam, protect Internet privacy and zap telemarketers, and free monthly email newsletters about new developments in privacy protection. Located in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, Privacy Corps (PrivacyCorps.com) was founded in 2002.







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