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18,000,000 telemarketing calls are generated daily.

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Junk Fax FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Junk Faxes

How do the advertisers get my fax number?

There are a number of ways that advertisers acquire your fax number. A popular method is to use an automatic, or predictive dialer, that can dial hundreds of listed and unlisted numbers an hour to listen for a fax tone. Once verified, your fax number gets on the telemarketers' list as an active number and is likely to be shared or sold to others. Also, if you list your fax number on advertising, credit offers, sweepstakes, warranty forms, survey or contribution forms, and a multitude of others, it will most likely be distributed.

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Is there any way to stop junk faxes?

YES! Immediate results can be achieved by installing a fax screening device that is designed to work with fax machines or computer faxes.

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Which fax screening devices work best to stop junk faxes?

With Caller ID: The FAXFIREWALL can screen all faxes by 'Invited' list. Only those fax broadcasters on your 'Invited' list can send a fax. All others are rejected. If their Caller ID is blocked they must unblock it. Both devices include a 'Wildcard' feature that allows entire area codes, prefixes or number sets to be used. Some users configure them to 'Invite' everyone and 'Exclude' some, while others choose to 'Exclude' everyone and only 'Invite' some. With the FAXFIREWALL, offending fax broadcasters can be rejected from the Caller ID history.

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How do fax screening devices work to stop junk faxes

With Caller ID: The fax broadcasters Caller ID is identified and added to an "Invited" list. Once on the 'Invited' list their faxes are recieved unimpeded. Those callers who are not within the criteria of your 'Invited' list, anonymous callers or callers who have blocked their Caller ID are rejected.

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Shouldn't I just call the 800 number listed on the offering to opt-out?

Provided you could even get through, it's the last thing you would want to do! By calling their 800 number, the number from which you are calling becomes public information to the unlawful telemarketer, worth dollars to them by using it for follow-up sales calls or by distributing your telephone number to others. Plus, by doing this, you have validated your fax number. Most consumers tell us that once they start calling the 800 numbers listed on the junk fax to 'Opt-out,' the number of junk faxes they receive actually start to increase.

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Will a fax screening device stop the faxes that I do want to receive?

No! Informed and familiar callers need only enter the code when they wish to transmit a fax to you or be on your 'Invited' list, or, you've already included them in a 'Wildcard' entry. It's that simple!

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