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On average, only 24% of what you donate as a result of a telemarketing call will actually get to the charity on whose behalf the solicitation is made. The telemarketing company hired to make the call gets the rest.

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About Privacy Corps

Telephone marketing is a huge business – and growing! The Direct Marketing Association expects telemarketing sales to rise exponentially over the next few years, as advancing technology makes telephone soliciting even more cost-effective for companies - be they honest merchants or fraudulent crooks.

Privacy Corps provides proven methods for systematically eliminating unwelcome assaults on your time and privacy. We test and rate privacy-protection products, selling only those we deem worthy of our 30-day money-back guarantee. We also offer the following services:

  • Free resources about maintaining, regaining and protecting your personal privacy.
  • Free email newsletter alerting you to new developments in privacy protection.
The solution is clear: you must take action against those who wish to expoit your privacy!


  Home | About Us | Products | Newsletter | Resources | Affiliate Program | Contact Us | Site Map

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